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Pradeep Sharma

ICT Incharge

Pradeep is the in-house IT Expert, who has been with BKPJM for last 3 years. He focuses around bridging students with the latest computer technology, an essential skill for educators in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Known for his composed demeanor and affable personality, Pradeep is adept at motivating students and fostering a vibrant social atmosphere within the classroom. He thrives in collaborative settings, effortlessly juggling multiple tasks while maintaining his cool under pressure—a trait that has earned him admiration from both peers and students alike.

Pradeep's endearing qualities extend beyond the classroom; he is renowned for his penchant for spreading joy through his engaging jokes and friendly banter. Ever ready to lend a helping hand, he willingly offers advice and support to those in need, embodying a spirit of empathy and compassion.

Driven by a thirst for personal and professional growth, Pradeep continually seeks out opportunities to expand his skill set—an attribute that has undoubtedly contributed to his ongoing success.

Pradeep Sharma
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