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Aditya Jain

Teacher Educator

Aditya is a high energy, deeply curious, sometimes introverted, tall and chubby person. He loves long conversations and easily gets emotional. Inspired by "Be the change you wish to see". He wishes to nurture spaces where uniqueness is celebrated and polarities are balanced.

Some gifts which he has gathered over years allow him to listen empathetically, inquire into the mysteries of human nature, contribute to organization design/business strategy and design systems for individual development.

In his last stint he worked as a senior consultant with OD Alternatives where he facilitated workshops on Strategic Thinking, Organization Culture, Facilitation, Leading Self, Building High Performing Teams etc. for senior managers of organizations like Wells Fargo, CK Birla, Tata Realty, Anand Group, Anarock, Walmart, Recity, Go Desi etc.

Graduate of the prestigious Organisational Development Certification Program (ODCP) offered by TISS and ODA. He continues to learn with his friends at Youth Alliance, Acrostic (Poetry Society), Gandhi Fellowship, KEF (System transformation Organization) among other communities.

Aditya Jain
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