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Established in 2004

BKPJM is an educational research institute nurturing capable and compassionate teachers through Experiential Education. 

We are continuously exploring ways to nurture 21st century teachers who can prepare current generation for the post-AI world. What the curriculum should look like? What is the role of technology in Education? How do we prepare children to focus on their emotional wellbeing? 

 सब अनुभव का कमल है । 

Teaching used to be considered the most important and the most noble profession. However, in recent years it has been tainted. We aim to bring back the ethics by providing experiences which are essential to building the character and capacity of the future teacher.

Join us as we explore these questions and create an experiential learning environment for our future teachers. 



Ways to create reading habit in children

What we have been upto?

Build a reading habit

We have been researching about factors and methods that create reading habit in children. We consolidated our insights in this e-book.

"All the teachers here have motivated us . Every Saturday, we used to have seminars, which greatly contributed to the development of our public speaking abilities. Specifically, here we learned how to tailor our teaching methods to suit children's individual learning levels."

Neha Arya, B.Ed 2014-15

(Government Teacher - English)

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