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Unveiling the Heart of Effective Teaching: Insights from Educators

Aditya Jain

4 min read

Apr 22

500+ alumni attended our first Alumni meet on 4th Feb 2024. Since, most of all alumni are Educators i.e., teaching in private or government schools and some in administrative positions like BSA.

We leveraged this opportunity to pose a pivotal question,

What experiences make a teacher an effective teacher?

The diversity and depth of responses not only illuminated the myriad facets of teaching but also underscored the nuanced skills that define successful educators. It even surprise us. Through rigorous analysis, we have categorized these insights into five broad themes, each pivotal to the educator's journey.

We distributed heart shaped notes to everyone. It symbolised a heartfelt reflection rather than a mechanical response. Everyone joyfully accepted the process and started writing their reflection on the hearts. Look at the Behind-the-scene (BTS) video for the amazing moments.

We collected all the responses as they were mentioned by the alumni. After carefully entering them manually in the system and analysing them, we analysed all of them with tagging and bucketing methodology to identify themes:

  1. Empathy and Understanding (30%)

  2. Effective Communication (25%)

  3. Continuous Learning & Adaptation (18%)

  4. Student-centered Approach (15%)

  5. Positive Attitude and Motivation (12%)

Empathy and Understanding

30% participants responded that Empathy and Understanding makes an outstanding teacher. According to them this is the heart of teaching, where educators forge profound connections with the children and find insights into their hopes, fears, and dreams. Through this empathic connection, educators cultivate fertile soil for intellectual and emotional growth.

Insights from participants response:

  • Teachers emphasise the importance of understanding students' needs, personalities, and struggles.

  • They recognize the significance of empathizing with students to provide effective support and guidance.

  • Building positive relationships based on empathy is seen as vital for creating a conducive learning environment.

Effective Communication

25% participants responded that Effective Communication makes an outstanding teacher. According to them effective communication is the foundation of report building. With good vocabulary and grace, educators wielded the power of words to bridge the gap between teacher and student, forging strong bonds of trust. Through the process of rapport-building, teachers fashioned a sanctuary of safety and support, where students dare to dream and dare to soar.

Insights from participants response:

  • Teachers stress the need for clear and effective communication with students.

  • They highlight the importance of building strong relationships and rapport with students to foster trust and engagement.

  • Communication is viewed as a tool for connecting with students on both academic and personal levels.

Continuous Learning & Adaptation

25% participants responded that Effective Communication makes an outstanding teacher. According to them continuous learning & Adaptation makes a great teacher. A outdated teacher, who is unaware of their surrounding and happenings around the world can not create an inspirational environment for the children. With the spirit of curiosity and inquiry, educators navigate the ever-shifting currents of pedagogical innovation, adapting their methods to suit the evolving needs of their students.

Insights from participants response:

  • Teachers acknowledge the importance of continuous learning and professional development.

  • They recognize the need to adapt teaching methods based on experience, student feedback, and changing educational contexts.

  • Being open to learning new techniques and approaches is considered essential for staying effective as a teacher.

Student-centred Approach

18% participants responded that Student-centred approach makes an outstanding teacher. According to them Effective teaching is inherently student-centered, with a focus on meeting the diverse needs of learners. Educators stressed the importance of personalized and differentiated instruction, tailoring teaching methods to accommodate individual learning styles, abilities, and interests. Creating inclusive learning environments where every student feels supported and challenged was emphasised.

Insights from participants response:

  • Teachers advocate for a student-centred approach to teaching, where individual student needs and learning styles are considered.

  • They emphasise the importance of providing personalised and differentiated instruction to cater to diverse student abilities and interests.

  • Creating inclusive learning environments that accommodate all students is highlighted as a priority.

Positive Attitude and Motivation

12% participants responded that Positive Attitude and Motivation makes an outstanding teacher. According to them it is the power of positivity and motivation that drives student success. Maintaining a positive attitude, fostering a culture of encouragement, and inspiring students to believe in their potential emerged as key components of effective teaching.

Insights from participants response:

  • Teachers stress the significance of maintaining a positive attitude towards teaching and learning.

  • They believe in motivating students by fostering a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in the classroom.

  • Cultivating optimism and enthusiasm is seen as essential for inspiring student engagement and success.


As we reflect on the insights shared by fellow educators, we are reminded of the profound impact teachers have on shaping the lives of their students. Effective teaching goes beyond delivering curriculum; it is about cultivating meaningful connections, igniting passion for learning, and empowering students to reach their fullest potential. By embracing empathy, communication, continuous learning, student-centeredness, and positivity, educators have the power to transform lives and shape the future. Let us carry these insights forward as we continue our journey as educators, dedicated to making a difference one student at a time.

Aditya Jain

4 min read

Apr 22

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