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HOD - Education

Specialisation: Education management, Curriculum development, Pedagogy & Andragogy

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

Head of Department (HOD) is the decision maker in all things academic. They get the autonomy of an intrapreneur to experiment at will. They aim to spearhead BKPJM as Education research institute.

This position continuously and existentially explores – What is the recipe of a good teacher? How do we define a good teacher? What is good about teaching? How to nurture relevant teachers?

Roles & Responsibilities

Provide academic leadership to establish institute as Center of Excellence

  • Provide visionary leadership for the development and implementation of academic programs i.e., D.El.Ed, B.Ed, and M.Ed.

  • Develop and articulate departmental goals, objectives, and strategies in alignment with institutional mission and educational standards.

  • Foster a culture of academic excellence, innovation, research and continuous improvement within the departments.

Develop Curriculum and establish best practices to nurture 21st century teachers

  • Lead the design, review, and enhancement of curriculum frameworks and course content for the aforementioned programs.

  • Ensure that curriculum materials reflect current educational trends, research-based practices, and evolving needs of the field.

  • Collaborate with faculty members to integrate interdisciplinary approaches and experiential learning opportunities into the curriculum.

Nurture reflective and compassionate team with out-of-the box experimentation capacity

  • Support administration in recruiting a diverse team of faculty members.

  • Hold regular one-o-one conversations to support in staff’s development journey while timely providing constructive feedback in curriculum delivery, assessment strategies, and pedagogical techniques.

  • Address student/staff concerns and grievances in a timely and equitable manner, advocating for their academic and personal well-being.

Collaborate with administration to ensure smooth operations and continuous growth

  • Collectively brainstorm and implement strategies for student admissions, placement and other critical points of student lifecycle.

  • Ensure compliance with accreditation standards, regulatory requirements, and institutional policies.

  • Collaborate with other institutes (local Govt Education department, NGO, schools etc) to explore opportunities for impact.

Education & Experience

10+ years of experience of leading Education initiatives
Preferred: PhD (Education)


Competitive salary basis experience, expertise, and qualification

About Us

BKPJM is an educational research institute nurturing capable and compassionate teachers. We aim to ‘Enable teachers who can engage with children in meaningful ways by adapting as per child’s local and global needs’.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We actively seek to create. a diverse work environment because teams are stronger with different perspectives and life experiences. We value a diverse workspace and strongly encourage Dalits, Adivasis, Bahujans, LGBTQ and people from other such structurally marginalised groups to apply.

You can apply by clicking on the Apply Now button or send your CV to us at, feel free to write to us for any query or concern.

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