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Assistant Professor

Specialisation: Child psychology / ECCE (Early Childhood Children Education)

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

Assistant Professors in our Education Department are the foundation of our academic community. Tasked with the vital role of developing innovative primary education teachers, they are at the forefront of transcending traditional teaching methodologies.

We seek passionate educators eager to experiment and introduce global best practices into primary teaching. These professors will not only instruct but also inspire our future primary school teachers and shape the educational landscape for our new primary school initiative.

Roles & Responsibilities

Curriculum Development and Instruction:

  • Design and implement progressive curriculum frameworks that enhance primary education.

  • Deliver engaging lectures and interactive learning experiences tailored to future primary school teachers.

  • Continuously update course content to reflect the latest educational research and best practices.

Student Learning and Support:

  • Assess and evaluate student progress through a variety of pedagogical approaches.

  • Provide personalized support and mentoring to students, addressing individual learning needs and fostering academic growth.

  • Organize and conduct practical teaching labs to simulate real-world teaching environments, enhancing practical teaching skills.

Academic Research in Primary Education:

  • Conduct research focused on educational innovation, particularly within primary teaching methodologies.

  • Collaborate with faculty peers to cross-pollinate ideas and approaches that push the boundaries of traditional education.

  • Publish findings and contribute to academic discussions that influence modern teaching practices and policies.

Education & Experience

10+ years of experience in teacher training domain (as School co-ordinator, B.Ed teacher, NGO Master trainer or similar profile)


Competitive salary basis experience, expertise, and qualification

About Us

BKPJM is an educational research institute nurturing capable and compassionate teachers. We aim to ‘Enable teachers who can engage with children in meaningful ways by adapting as per child’s local and global needs’.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We actively seek to create. a diverse work environment because teams are stronger with different perspectives and life experiences. We value a diverse workspace and strongly encourage Dalits, Adivasis, Bahujans, LGBTQ and people from other such structurally marginalised groups to apply.

You can apply by clicking on the Apply Now button or send your CV to us at, feel free to write to us for any query or concern.

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